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Spectrum King Sieries 400+ 120 degrees LED


Product Description

The Series 400+ Spectrum King is for light hungry plants and comparable to a 1000w HPS.

Spectrum King LED Grow Lights are designed and manufactured by experienced LED professionals who have been creating custom industrial LED Lighting solutions for various industries, including medical, government, military, commercial, and agriculture for over 10 Years. And best of all They're also growers! So we truly understand the value of efficient lighting from a grower’s perspective and what is required to produce an outstanding harvest.


• Powered By CREE® LEDs


• Patent Pending


• UL Listed & IP65 Certified


• Full Spectrum (White, Not Pink Light)


• Rugged Design (IP65 Is Washable)


• Saves Over 60% In Energy


• Low Ambient Heat


• 120~277VAC


• 90% Light For 3 Years


• 5 Year Warranty


Why Full Spectrum?


Spectrum King LED Grow Lights are designed to mimic natural outdoor sunlight. Why change what Mother Nature has already perfected over millions of years? Sunlight includes many spectrums, both visible and ones we cannot see; even traditional HPS lights put out a high band of nano-meter wavelengths (colour spectrums) which is why it has been successful in the agriculture application today. LED grow lights that provide only 2, 3, 4 even 8 colours will never come close to reproducing the effects of sunlight.


Spectrum King LED Grow lights consistently produce spectrums from 380-779nm. This means that not only virtually every visible colour is present in the light, but also ones you can’t see. The Spectrum King Series 300 and Series 400 LED Grow Lights truly mimic sunlight and traditional HPS lamps with matching intensities of over 100,000Lux.


We all know that blue and red are the wavelengths that dominate the “active photosynthesis” portion of the spectrum, so you might think that providing these colours alone might circumvent the rules of nature. But there is a problem: Productive plants need to photo-respirate. When plants become heated (by intense yellow light) the stomata on the leaf surfaces open up and allow photo-respiration to occur. When photo-respiration takes place the plants go into “work out” mode and want to consume nutrients just like humans want to drink water.


Traditional LED arrays only carry the spectrums that activate after the photo-respiration period takes place. This is the reason traditional LED lights sometimes finish cycles with immature plants that produce low yields. By supplying plants with only limited “beneficial” spectrums (pink light) from traditional LED arrays, you are essentially putting them into a permanent chill mode. Although this may produce healthy plants, they will not yield as much as plants under Spectrum King LED Grow Lights.



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