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Shield Diffuser Large - Spidermite Repellent


Product Description

The Shield Spider Mite repellent diffuser is the simplest way to protect plants against unwanted visitors without the need of spray. The Shield diffuser uses micron technology to deliver microscopic particles in the air, thus we recommend the Shield diffuser is used after eradicating any immediate infestation with the Shield RTU to ensure your crops are protected. At the same time the Shield diffuser is sucking in unwanted particles of dust, air borne fungus and plant disease and recycling that with the Shield diffuser liquid.

The Shield Large diffuser is capable of covering areas of up to 60m2

Why Shield Diffuser?

    Organic, Effective, Safe
    No Alcohol
    Anytime use from seedling to harvest
    Zero harmful chemicals
    No need for protective gloves or masks

Protects Plants Against:

    Spider Mites
    Two Spotted Spider Mite
    Mealy Bug

For best results: Remove infestation immediately with Shield RTU trigger spray, once the mites have retreated use the Shield diffuser with the Shield diffuser liquid, turn on and the machine and this will emit microfine particles in the air to repel Spider Mites within your grow environment.

Directions: Shake Shield diffuser liquid bottle well before use. Remove the liquid container below the motor, fill this with 150ml of Shield diffuser liquid, once the machine is turned on this will now disperse microfine particles of the Shield liquid to repel mites. Please make sure to check the liquid bowl on a regular basis to ensure there is sufficient liquid at all times.

Please note:

The Shield diffuser liquid is a different formula to the RTU trigger spray and as such should NOT be used to spray directly on to plants, and the RTU trigger spray should NOT be used in the Shield diffuser.

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