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Nutrifield Coco 50L


Product Description

Nutrifield Coco is produced from coconut husks following a precise aging and treatment process. Raw coconut husks are soaked in sea water for up to 6 months so they can break down, then they are washed repeatedly with fresh water to remove the salt. A lot of cheap coco mediums are not washed properly and still contain excess salt which is bad for your plants. Buying Nutrifield Coco coir, however, ensures you are using only the highest quality coco coir.

Make sure that when you are purchasing Coco medium you are only buying top-quality medium, such as Nutrifield Coco. The cheaper Coco mediums will need to be washed throughly to remove excessive salts, and even after this retain undesirable properties.


Features of Nutrifield Coco:

  • Pre-buffered to prevent calcium and potassium lockout.
  • pH stabilised
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Capable of absorbing large amounts of water while allowing for the essential 30% air porosity.
  • Has no nutrients added so you must use nutrients from the first water.


Nutrifield Coco medium is best used in conjuction with the Nutrifield Coco nutrient.

Using other types of nutrients, such as nutrients designed for soil or hydroponics, may cause nutrient deficiency when used in coco medium. This is because the coco medium tends to withold and encourage the uptake of certain nutrients.

However, nutrients designed specifically for coco coir contain the right balance of nutrients to combat this effect and provide your plants with exactly what they need.

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